“The energy that is in the very essence of the planet is in me.”

The concept of energy has been one of my favorites since school. It always amazes me that how everything is occupying space and have motion and a greater power in the form of dormant energy! As the author praised Dyer’s concept of universal energy, which is so profound and specific, that it has the ability to give you whatever you desires, if only you are in alignment with it or vice-versa. This section of the book stimulated me to combine two of my life’s indispensable concepts i.e. science and spirituality. And now I have gained a stronger belief that both of them are congruent or at least coincide with each other as explained by Kalam sir. In this chapter, he not only talked about the science and spirituality but also shared some of his life-changing rendezvous with great saints and pioneer spiritual thinkers. It certainly fulfilled my quench for faith which I had been seeking throughout life. The author met one of the spiritual thinker Swamiji once at Ahmedabad and began telling his dream to transform the nation. He discussed his 5-pillars of strength which were – education and healthcare, agriculture, information and communication, infrastructure and critical technology, and later confessed his desire to enforce a cadre of value-based citizen. He (Swamiji) added a 6th pillar of spiritualism which would integrate all of them.

“…in god’s scheme of things, the whole purpose behind creation is the idea that every person-every soul –attains bliss.”

This was an insight personified. When I retrospect my lower times, I regret being adamant, too much aspired to be on top. I never accepted my fate as ordinary. I cried and had breakdowns over times, because I never could understand that my biggest endeavor on this blue planet was only to keep my personality happy and content. As I prance over the lines I came across some of the beautiful and enlightening sura from holy quran “the results of your actions belong to you…the result of my actions belongs to me” as per author what we are and our beliefs solely depend on us. These sentences mocked away all the guilt I had preserved in my heart where I made thy responsible for my losses. Yes, some of His decisions of death were His command but it automatically opened up several new hopes which I never envisaged at all!

I always had slight faith in his timings but honestly I dwindle too at times but somehow I restore back like restored energy in spring whether pushed or pulled. All I need to do to be attain bliss, I need to let the ventilate air of thoughts and beliefs and let it cross over and flow in its stream without any intention to hold or keep.

And lastly I can windup my journey with author with a magnificent message which unplugged my restraining hopelessness:

“What really makes one succeed in the face of difficult tasks. We have talked about the importance of having a dream and commitment, of hard work and having the spiritual strength to persevere through difficulties and failures”

We need to realize our inner strength or else we will always be unaware of the might potential we have inculcated with our years of growing up!

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