“Summon the power that you have hidden, beneath setbacks, hurts and grief!”

Parampreet K. Sodhi (@revupsoul)

So my journey with Dr Kalam will finish after 2 another chapters, but if you ask me whether I am going to forget his teachings, then I would condemn this belief. He has touched my thoughts especially when I lost myself in vivacious yet gloomy circumstances.

Well, today author and I had a very deep journey of combining all the forces (even those which were dormant earlier). He believed that progress is rapid when there is efficient administrative set-up, a high level of education and minimum political interference in development activity. Let me give my example here. I come from a family where my dad came to city when he was 17 years old and reached on top of government administration in the next 38 years of service. Apart from that he took active participation when it comes to writing, sharing experiences and most importantly, believing in his own thoughts and experience. Why I took his example today because I feel he believed in his decision for giving us all the education and honestly growing up in a large but nuclear family had its own sparks of excellence. His personality gave me inspiration and even a sense of security, of which even the author referred in this chapter as a “Security-centric phenomenon”.

Dr Kalam mentioned 5 core areas for national competence that are  agriculture and food processing, power in terms of electricity, education and healthcare, information and technology and lastly the strategic sector. As I was prancing ahead with the chapter, I was little worried, since it included some of the critical national development ideas, which were beyond my understanding, I confess! But the idea of writing the post wasn’t only going into the technical aspect but indeed to get some gist, the point which can help us to discover our real value as a citizen or even as a person.

The author stressed upon the idea of integration of securities with the strong partnership among institutes and industry as well as community as a whole. The hidden aim was to bring a versatile connectivity among all the above components of the nation. One of the most prominent and stimulating thing as stated by Dr Kalam was the rural education. As I mentioned in my previous posts that the author wanted to achieve rural urban equilibrium. He could see the dormant competencies of our villages.

He talked about one of his underway experiment termed as REACH (Relevance and Excellence in ACHieving new heights in education institutions). The idea behind it was the mission to establish up to 100 centers that follow common academic program and share a commitment to achieve excellence. The author also mentions CORE(Centers of Relevance and Excellence) established in various parts of the country. I perceived his idea as a clear integration among academic and industrial interface. I confess I wasn’t able to elaborate all of the technical aspect mentioned in the chapter.

The author also mentioned how he introduced the concept of dynamic connectivity of four types called PEEK i.e., Physics, Electronics, Economics and Knowledge connectives. He also emphasized over IT- driven tele-medicine.

One of the inspiring people I came across was Dr Venkataswamy. He was a superb surgeon and founder of Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, which got recognition by WHO. The author stated Dr Venkataswamy’s hardship as a common crippled with twisted finger due to arthritis, which he suffered during his student years. Yet he never lost confidence and amidst of atrocities he gained prominence as a medical practitioner who has provided training to students to leading international universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Some industrialist told Dr Venkataswamy once about the work culture at Aravind Eye center.

“there is a certain empathy or compassion that seems to flow from them”

“The vision of a developed India can be realized only if we recognize that wealth generation and wealth protection are two sides of the same coin. A nation’s wealth represents the sweat and hard work of its people.”

The author also put the limelight on asymmetry in educational system.

“To develop to the desired level, industry also needs to recognize the importance of forward and backward linkages. While linkages with bridging institutions such as think tanks , technical/consultancy services, other firms involved in similar activities as well as customer constitute the forward linkage, partnership with universities, R&D labs and technology –providing institutions would form the backward linkage.”

Here the author has convinced me to seek an industry over both of its linkages. Being an entrepreneur, I feel this approach can really make a difference.

“Only a united vision launched with renewed vigor will bring the young force into action.”

This can be implemented to an individual level too. Most of the time we feel stuck because of our pre laid outcomes expectations, but when work is implied with true efforts and perseverance to bring out something, we receive true action. I don’t know why people feel that perseverance is overrated, I feel that its our dwindled faith in work which brings us setbacks. The idea of acceptance and being a learner is true, in context to changing our situations.

“Transparency is a cornerstone of development.”

I can conclude on this quote. How often are we truthful to ourselves at least? the major problem with me as a person is lack of faith and absurd forecast. Even when I am giving my best, I stay in gloom because I don’t have the transparency with self. Transparency is a wide concept for perceptions. I feel transparency is a true notion of life, when we drop down the drapes of all expectations, the past events and most importantly realizing our true potential.

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